There Are No Reasons Why You Should NOT Have a Washlet

Any piece of technology these days will invariably have its pros and cons. That’s almost a fact of life. We say “almost”, because like all rules there are exceptions to this rule as well. And one of these notable exceptions is that currently uniquely Japanese toilet known as the Washlet toilet.

This is the super advanced gizmo that puts ordinary toilet seats to shame. They’re the smartphones of the toilet industry compared to the landline phones that are ordinary toilets. They offer plenty of reasons why you ought to own one (heated toilet seat, bidet functions included, remote control features, adjustable settings, superior cleaning functions, etc.). On the other hand, there are really no legitimate reasons why you shouldn’t own one.

So let’s tackle all the potential issues which the naysayers are trotting out, and let’s expose the myths for what they are. Here are some reasons why people aren’t buying the washlet, and why these reasons are actually specious.

They’re Too Expensive

They’re Too ExpensiveThis is the first thing that comes to mind, and when you compare them to a common toilet it’s a fact that the price tag of the washlet toilet seat is indeed greater than what you get from an ordinary toilet.

But they’re not exorbitantly priced. In fact, they’re only twice as costly as smartphones, and the cost is about the same for laptops or PCs. Yet smartphones are constantly updated every few years or so while the washlet can last for more than a decade.

And the washlet offers cleanliness and health benefits that you really ought to pay for anyway, plus they’re environmental products too. You improve your health and improve the state of the environment, and yet you’re more comfortable.

In other words, the value for money is outstanding.

Regulations Forbid their Installation

Are you sure about that? Building codes are technical guidelines, and Washlet installers can probably figure out a way to let you have your cake and eat it too. You can get the washlet and still be compliant with regulations.

So if you want to be sure about building codes and this is the only issue that’s making you hesitate, why not call Toto and tell them your concerns? Perhaps they’ll figure out a way. For example, one local regulation didn’t allow for electrical sockets in bathrooms, so what Toto did was come up with a longer plug you can plug in to sockets outside the bathroom.

The Bidet Function is Actually Wasteful of Resources

Americans use 36.5 billion rolls of toilet paper every year. That’s the equivalent of using up about 15 million trees. But some people are saying that the bidet function simply uses up more water instead.

It’s true that the bidet function uses more water, adding ⅛ of a gallon per use. What these people don’t realize is that the yearly production of toilet paper for Americans also involves the use of 473.59 billion gallons of water. Producing a single roll of toilet paper requires 37 gallons of water. Do the math—that means you need to use the bidet 296 times (that’s 37 x 8) for every roll of toilet paper.

It’s true that some people do use the bidet and toilet paper to clean up. But not all do, and most people realize that like after taking a shower you can always use a towel instead. And modern Washlets even have air dryers, which makes the use of toilet paper unnecessary.

It’s Too Complicated to Use

It’s Too Complicated to UseIt’s true that some people find these things tricky to figure out. But then again, some people find microwave ovens too complicated. But in all seriousness, smartphones, computers, and modern LED TVs are more complicated than these things, so if you have enough brains to figure those things out, then the Washlet is child’s play.

In fact, if you have enough brains to ready the darn manual or enough common sense to know how to use Google and type in “how to use the washlet”, then you’re good to go.

Even the maintenance requirements are light, because these are automatically clean toilet units. Many of these things are either programmed to clean themselves or you just need to push a button or two. They’re really that simple to use.

Of course, some people find the Japanese characters on the controls confusing. But you can figure those things out easily too, just like kids know what the buttons marked with geometric shapes do in game consoles. Or, you can find units with English inscriptions instead.

There Are Some Health Concerns

The Toto Washlet is more hygienic, because you use water to clean up. Some units even have soap dispensers, so you really get to clean up properly. The water also provides some therapeutic benefits for skin rashes and hemorrhoids in that area.

But one recent study did come out to describe the “washlet syndrome”, which referred to problems that occur when you repetitively use high pressure settings to clean up down there.

You know how to avoid that problem? Don’t use high pressure settings repetitively. This complaint is like saying cars are dangerous because you can get into an accident if you drive drunk. The simple solution to that is you don’t drink and drive.

With the washlet, you can adjust the pressure setting of the water spray for cleanup. You can adjust the temperature of the water just like you can adjust the temperature of the water for the shower. Don’t use too hot water for the bidet function, just like you wouldn’t under the shower.

Americans Aren’t Used to This Things

Cultural habits are perhaps the biggest obstacles to widespread washlet acceptance, and there’s also the fact that it’s considered a rude topic for discussion.

The solution: you need to get over it, America!

At one point Americans were used to horses and wagons, but they changed to cars because it was better. Once we watched TV on black-and-white sets, and we switched to color TVs and now to LED TVs for a simple reason—they were better.

So now it’s time to switch to the Washlet toilet. It makes you more comfortable when you use the toilet, and it makes you cleaner afterward, and you help save trees and water. It’s just simply the better option, and hopefully we can get our heads out of our asses and wise up to that fact.