A Comprehensive Toto Washlet Review

Toto is a venerated toilet brand in Japan, and their special Japanese toilet seat called the washlet is found in just about 60% of homes there. Western visitors who come to Japan regard it as amazing, and when they come back to their home countries they invariably look for them to install in their own […]

There Are No Reasons Why You Should NOT Have a Washlet

Any piece of technology these days will invariably have its pros and cons. That’s almost a fact of life. We say “almost”, because like all rules there are exceptions to this rule as well. And one of these notable exceptions is that currently uniquely Japanese toilet known as the Washlet toilet. This is the super […]

Benefits of Using Toto Washlets

For many people from the US and Europe who have visited Japan, perhaps the technology they miss the most when they get back home is the Toto washlet. This is like the Ferrari of the toilet industry, except that in Japan they’re as common as Hondas or Toyotas. They’re a testament to the Japanese culture’s […]

What is a Bidet and How to Use a Bidet?

Ah America, land of the free and home of the brave! Now if only that courage can extend to trying and using the new type of Japanese toilets called washlets instead of the old-style toilets we’ve been using for a hundred years. Many of them are made by Toto (the most popular toilet manufacturer in […]