A Comprehensive Toto Washlet Review

Toto is a venerated toilet brand in Japan, and their special Japanese toilet seat called the washlet is found in just about 60% of homes there. Western visitors who come to Japan regard it as amazing, and when they come back to their home countries they invariably look for them to install in their own homes. Those who gathered up the pluck to try this gizmo out also tend to write raving Toto toilet reviews as well.

So what exactly is all the fuss about the Toto bidet seat? Its proponents trot out various statistics regarding how it’s an environmentally-friendly device that can help reduce the felling of trees for toilet paper production. But what really will convince you to buy one is to try it out first. Since shops don’t let you do that, you may as well get a vicarious experience as I try it out.

So what I did was get the Washlet B200 which was released back in February 2014. It’s a major improvement over the basic B100 series, and yet not as expensive as the B300 series which are more expensive.


Toto Washlet installationFor all its supposed complexity, the B200 is actually quite easy to install. You can just consult the manual and you’re good to go, assuming you understand basic English.

All you need is a water supply and an outlet and you’re good to go. If you don’t have an outlet in your bathroom, you can always get the longer plug that lets you plug into another outlet.

All in all, following the directions in the manual shouldn’t take more than half an hour. Some can even finish it in just 20 minutes.

Using the B200

Now it’s time to enjoy, and the list of features is truly an eye-opener. If you’re a regular American, then you may not be familiar with a regular bidet. And this is not a regular bidet—it’s a sophisticated toilet seat that comes with bidet functions as well.

  • Before anything else, keep in mind that you have a remote control unit. That means you don’t have to use their hands directly, so you won’t have to contort yourself trying to manipulate the controls that are usually located at your back.
  • First you get the all-important basic cleansing functions. You have the cleansing function for your rear, and it can be softened and made gentle for you. There’s also the front cleansing function for women after they’ve urinated.
  • You can also change the washing method settings as well. You can adjust the position of the wand, the strength of the water pressure, and the temperature of the water as well. The spray can also oscillate, and you can set it to pulsate as well. And when you’ve set your personal setting, you can lock it so you won’t have to keep on adjusting the settings each time.
  • You can even make use of the warm air dryer so you won’t need to wipe down with toilet paper.  This means you just relax on the toilet seat for 5 minutes while the dryer does its thing.
  • Then there’s also the deodorizer function, which removes the odors. This can actually activate and deactivate automatically when you take a sit and stand up. Once you get used to the better smell, however, it may be a problem for you to use other bathrooms without deodorizer ever again.

Just make sure you don’t use other air fresheners or deodorizers with the Washlet deodorizer. That can end up with really funky smells that you may want to avoid.

  • One of the really convenient functions is its ability to keep the toilet seat warm. Never again do you have to endure that shock of a cold toilet seat. You sit down and it’s warm and toasty for your bottom. Not even in winter!
  • You don’t have to be afraid of suddenly paying more for electricity, since the unit offers energy saver features. The “Auto Energy” saver lets you save electricity but you still enjoy a warm toilet seat when you need to. The Washlet B200 has smart features that detect the time periods when you don’t use the toilet all that much, and during those time periods the unit lowers the toilet seat automatically.

You can also set the preset duration of time during which the unit turns itself off automatically. You can set it for 3, 6, or 9 hours. Or you can use this feature along with the “Auto Energy” feature.

You can try out all these features and it won’t take all that long for you to familiarize yourself with them. Read the manual thoroughly and make sure you follow the instructions.

Especially take note of the maintenance requirements. They’re not all that complicated, so you can just do them yourself. You don’t need specialists to take care of your Washlet B200.

Once you get the B200, you have a limited one-year warranty.

Pros and Cons

Pros and ConsWe really thought we should at least give the appearance of objectivity here, so we have a list of pros and cons. In truth however, it’s all about the pros, and the cons are very minor and not really all that serious.

You can just look at the list of features we’ve listed earlier and consider them all as pros. These are features that you don’t exactly expect to find in an ordinary toilet, right? So all these are bonus features. You’re cleaner and you’re more comfortable. It’s easy to install, use, and maintain.

But all these features have a cost, and the cost is higher than what ordinary toilets cost. However, the bang for the buck value is amazing, as the durability of the Toto toilet is renowned. So you can expect to use this toilet for many years to come, despite the rather short warranty.

It’s easy enough to find out where to buy Toto toilets. You can visit the official Toto products page and find what you need there. Or you can check out this website and buy through the website.