5 Reasons for Selecting a Toto Washlet Over a Bidet or Standard Toilet

Personal hygiene is a serious business. Various products have been invented to deal with all the body issues we face every day. They keep us clean, healthy and presentable. It should not come as a surprise that many of these can be found in lavatories. After all, these are where some of our vital needs get taken care of and washed away.  Some consider the restroom our private sanctuaries. We make several visits each day for countless reasons. Given this frequency of use, it’s in our best interest to make them as comfortable and well-equipped as we can.

Homeowners who are planning bathroom renovations should consider a toilet upgrade. There are numerous designs in the market that can be confusing if your’re not sure what traits are needed. In the developed world, toilets have increased in sophistication and usefulness.  Japan provides a great deal of inspiration on this particular subject. Perhaps no other country has solved their hygiene issues with technology better than the land of the rising sun.  The advanced Japanese toilets found in most homes are called the Washlets.   It helps in washing a person’s underside after use. Visitors to the country always come away impressed with the efficiency, accuracy, and convenience afforded by these devices.  One of the more popular and longest living washlets are manufactured by a company called Toto.

What is a Bidet?

Let’s get some washlet terminology cleared up first.  Americans are more accustomed to the use of dry tissue paper to clean themselves but other methods are available. Using a toilet with the capability of creating a stream of focused water on to your backside is not entirely foreign to the Western world.  Many of us have heard of the traditional bidet,  as an example. It looks quite similar to your standard toilet, but it’s typically installed as a separate adjacent fixture.

The design features a low sink that has control knobs at one end and water coming out from below. Users are supposed to straddle this between their legs. They must position themselves so that the water can wash their nether regions at the right spots.

The bidet does not eliminate the need for toilet paper. Often, people still have to use tissue for preliminary cleaning before they can step away from the toilet and proceed to the bidet. What the fixture does is allow them to wash up in a confined area. Thus, a full shower becomes unnecessary and users can emerge quickly out of the room. In other implementations of the bidet, a separate sink is no longer required. Small add-ons resembling a shower hose are attached to the toilet. Users must aim this on the area that needs washing.

Differences between a Bidet and a Toto Washlet

Ok, so perhaps you’re still not clear on what the washlet can offer you over the bidet.  Those that have used a bidet before will quickly notice the differences.  Simply looking at pictures of the two items will make it obvious to those that have never seen a bidet or washlet before  Although similar in function, their unique approaches lead to several important differences. Consumers should be aware of the distinctions if they are planning to get either one of them. By making an informed choice, they will be able to complete a bathroom renovation that they can be proud of.

1. Comfort

Bidets can feel cold and uncomfortable on the skin, especially in winter. This is enough to discourage most people from using them in the first place. Toto Washlets, on the other hand, are equipped with a heated seat that is pleasant to touch. Users can linger on the toilet for as long as they need to without any worries. Even the water can be heated to the desired temperature. This will be sprayed onto the target area at just the right pressure for an effective yet soothing cleanse.  Going to the bathroom will no longer feel like a chore.  If you have young children in the house, the washlet becomes a device that they will absolutely enjoy using.  Additionally, you will no longer need to clean-up what sometimes can be a very messy situation.  This alone is worth the added cost.

2. Accessibility

Accessibility can be an issue for individuals who are dealing with mobility issues. These include the sick, the elderly, and the disabled. Going to the bathroom is hard enough for some of them, particularly if moving from a wheelchair. It might be a little too much to have them go to use a bidet for cleaning. This will not be a problem with Toto Washlets. These are meant to be fitted as an add-on to existing toilets so washing can be completed in the same area.  This is the key!  With a washlet you simply place it, or should I say replace, the existing toilet seat.  There is no need to stand up and shift to another fixture.

3. Health

Both of the bidet and the washlet promote health by providing hygienic solutions to an age-old problem. Dirt can be removed using water for a sanitary wash. With the traditional bidet, the user will have to get the aim right every time. With the Toto Washlet, practical studies have yielded the optimum settings ensuring perfect aim in every wash, whether the target is at the back or at the front. There is no need to use toilet paper either, which can lead to unwanted contact with dirt. The machine can take care of everything from the preliminary wash to the drying phase. Hands will be free from germs. Skin rashes, urinary tract infections, and other diseases caused by poor hygiene can be avoided.

4. Cleanliness

Traditional bidets can be effective once users have gotten used to their operation. However, this can take a few tries and the initial results could get messy. Novices may not sit properly the first time and leave a mess all over the place. They may cause a strong pulse of water to shoot up while fiddling with the settings. Just the mere act of shifting from the toilet to the bidet can be a tricky proposition. Toto Washlets simplify everything by allowing people to stay in one place while the device does all the work for them. Each step is precise and controlled.

5. Environment

While bidets use water, they still require users to grab toilet paper to wipe off dirt and dry things down. Families consume large amounts of these products every year. Most throw them afterwards into the bowl, which results in drainage clogs. Toto Washlets make toilet paper an option, not a necessity. Dozens, or even hundreds of rolls can be saved each year. Collectively, this helps lower the demand for cutting trees. Install this device on a low flush toilet that conserves water for an unbeatable eco-friendly combination.

The Toto Washlet offers a long list of advantages over traditional bidets. Perhaps it’s time for the West to embrace this modern marvel from the East and experience all the conveniences as well.

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